Non-metal Laser Cutting Machine
Sample presentation
Industry analysis
Non metal laser cutting machine, just as the name meaning, is used for processing non metal materials. It has many styles,small models include 4030(400*300mm),6040(600*400mm),9060(900*600mm), middle models include 1390(1300*900mm),1490(1400*900mm),1610(1600*1000mm),big scale include 1325(1300*2500mm),1625(1600*2500mm),1630(1600*3000mm).could process acrylic,plywood,die board,MDF,rubber,leather,plastic,glass, be widely used in advertisement,decoration,craft.etc, is the best helper for our life.
Equipment advantages
  • Widely using-advertisement,decoration,model,craft,packing.etc.
  • Suitable for much more materials-acrylic,wood,rubber,leather,plastic.etc.
  • can process almost all non metal materials,acrylic,rubber,wood,leather,plastic.etc.
  • Best process function, can accomplish all cutting&engraving work.
Cutting process
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