Non-metal Co2-laser CuttingEngraving Machine MC 1610
Product overview

Application industry

Advertising industry: acrylic carving cutting, two color board cutting, carving and other advertising materials. Leather processing industry: leather, fabric carving 3. Craft industry: carving and cutting of paper cutting, wood, bamboo products, leather and other materials. Model industry: building model, wooden toy cutting. Packaging industry: printing rubber engraving cutting, plywood cutting and laser cutting template cutting. Decoration industry: Electrical and electronic industry, material carving and cutting.

Product features

1.Red point:because people cannot see the laser,

so use the red point to confirm the site of the laser point.

2. Auto focus:

work together with the up/down system, could adjust the focus distance.

3. Water chiller:

be used to cool the laser tube, has more better effect than water pump, usually, if the laser power is more than 90W, will equipped with this accessory.

4. Up/down system the worktable:

if the materials is very thick, could choose this accessory.

5. Air compressor:

has more bigger power than air pump, if the materials will have

lots of dust smoke when engraving or cutting, could choose this accessory.

6.Honey worktable:

if need to cut or engrave on soft materials,such as rubber,

fabric, cloth, paper, etc, could choose this worktable.

7.Chuck rotary:

be used for irregular column,should work together with the up/down system.

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