Newest Low Cost CNC Fiber Laser Source Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Product overview
Technical parameter

Application Industry
Electrical -- Engineering and Electrical part and component
Mobile -- ( Cover, battery, keyboard, I Phone Case )
Jewelry -- (Ring, pedeant, bracelet ), eyeglass, clocks and craft
Building materials -- PVC pipe, Car motor car spare part, Insturments and meters and cutting tool
Plastic -- plastic case, aviation and aerospace,
Military product -- hardware fitting and accessory, sanitary appliance
Food and beverage -- Medicine package and medical instrument, solar PV industry

Available materails
--Many type of metals:
Gold, Silver, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, chrome Brass, etc.
--Alloy and metal oxides: Anodized Aluminum
--Some non-metallic materials & Special surface treatment:
silicon wafer, ceramics, plastic, rubber, epoxy resin, ABS, Printing ink, Plating, Spraying, Coating film.

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