• High efficiency MC 1625 knife auto feeding fabric leather cutting machine
    The machine applicable for shoes making industry, apparel and fashion cloth industry, automotive interior industry, luggage industry, package industry, decoration industry, electronic industry, composite materials industry etc. It can process fabric, knitting vamps, non-woven, leather, rexine, cotton, felt, silk, lace, polyester, fleece, soft shell, jeans, alcantara, neoprene, Corrugated board, cardboard, white board, gray board, sticker, PVC film, foam board, artificial leather, leather, gasket, sponge, Prepreg, acrylic, honeycomb board, fiberboard, epoxy resin board, organic glass, car mat, fiber, composite material and other soft materials, etc.
  • MC1625 automatic cnc cutting machine with knife for garments fabric textile
    This model is designed for production with small quantities and can save on costs while maintaining speed and accuracy. Cutting by knife, no pollution gases.
  • automatic computerized apparel garment textile cnc round knife cutting machine i
    Cutting by knife, no air pollution, no burntedge, cutting speed is 5-8 times faster than laser cutting machine.
  • CNC Automatic Fast Speed Round Knife Fabric Cloth Cutting Machine MC 1625
    The knife cutting method is ideal to keep balance among pollution free, no smelly work environment,  boosting production capacity, saving labour cost and cost effective. With steady smooth edge cutting performance, high flexible, high material utility and reasonable price, knife cutting solution free tailors from prototyping and short run production. 
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