MC Laser Engraving Cutting Machine 1390 Professional For Acrylic/wood/MDF
Time : 2021-01-23

Applicable industries
1) Advertising industry: organic glass cutting, signage engraving, double-color board engraving, crystal cup carving, etc.
2) Gifts industry: carving beautiful words and patterns on wood, bamboo, marble, double-color boards, density board, crystal, leather, etc. materials.
3) Packaging & printing industry: carving and cutting rubber plate, double layer plate, plastic plate.
4) Leather & clothing processing industry: Can be used to series of crafts processing of complex graphics and characters, like engraving, cutting, stenciling, embroidery cutting, etc. on genuine leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, cloth.
5) Other industries: used for model making, decoration, product package engraving and so on.

Product advantages

1. Professional laser cutting head with following system, when the sheet metal is not plain, the dynamic focus laser cutting head will adjust the focusing distance automatically.

2. brand lens and mirrors good reflective effect, laser tube with stable laser path, life time long.

3.Stable machine's quality with comprehensive cutting applications

4. Lower investment cost, lower operating cost and lower maintenance cost

After sales service

1. The whole machine is guaranteed for one year, the laser tube is guaranteed for 10 months, and the lens is guaranteed for three months

2.24hour technical support online , you can calling us

3.If there is a problem in the warranty period of the machine, video, telephone and technical contact shall be made to determine the problem, and the problem can be solved by telephone

4.We offer free training in our factory, and our engineers are available to service machinery overseas, but the round-trip air tickets, hotel and meals for the engineers should be paid by the buyer.

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