Is laser cutting machine environmental protection equipment?
Time : 2021-01-27

When it comes to environmental protection, it must be the current concept of life. No matter what industry you are in, you should pay attention to the concept of "green environmental protection". Machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is the same, now more common laser cloth cutting machine belongs to environmental protection equipment?

All industries are transforming to green manufacturing, and all enterprises are competing to become models of green manufacturing, not only for rewards, but also for not being eliminated by the times.

So is laser cutting machine a kind of green manufacturing? Laser cutting, laser marking, laser carving, laser welding and other common laser processing applications are to irradiate the workpiece with high-energy laser beam to make the workpiece melt and gasify to a certain extent, so as to realize marking, carving or cutting. There is no need to add chemicals in the treatment process, and the auxiliary gas will not pollute the environment, and it is equipped with corresponding smoking and dust collection devices, so the negative impact on the environment is very small. Meet one of the conditions of green manufacturing.

In fiber laser cutting, because the focused laser beam is very small, the machining accuracy can reach ± 0.05mm, so the machining quality can basically meet the requirements without further machining. In addition, due to the high energy density, the processing speed is very fast. If it is matched with automatic feeding device, the processing efficiency can be increased by dozens of times.

Whether in terms of production efficiency or environmental protection, laser  cutting machine has certain advantages!

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