Factors affecting working efficiency of circular cutter
Time : 2021-01-29
Round knife cutting machine in the use of this equipment in the process of driving the work efficiency of the overall production line, start debugging after automatic operation, more labor-saving, so many production lines use this equipment, and do not need to cut mold. At present, vibration knife cutting machine has been widely used in automobile interior cutting, carpet lining cutting, clothing cutting, packaging material cutting, furniture fabric cutting, advertising material cutting, leather bag cutting, composite material cutting and other industries. There are two factors that can affect the working efficiency of vibration knife cutting machine

1. Accuracy of worktable.
When the precision of the worktable is high, the blade on the worktable will be cut with high precision, and the precision will be greatly guaranteed. The height of the worktable is high or low, a little error may lead to the reduction of cutting accuracy, and bring losses to the factory.
This vibration cutter has a great influence on the quality of our materials. Where we need to consider, we must see the whole process of cutting demonstration from the options to determine whether the accuracy effect is enough.

2. The blade is sharp.
The sharpness of the cutting edge is also an important factor affecting the cutting accuracy. When the cutting edge is passivated, the wear is large, which affects the cutting and cutting accuracy of raw materials.
The blade material is good and the sharpness is very good, but the blade can be switched according to different materials and different blades can be selected.
Circular knife cutting machine equipment in the application of the market demand is relatively large, if you are interested, you can come to consult us!
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