Comparison between knife cutting machine and laser cutting machine
Time : 2021-01-15
Knife type cutting machine can choose round knife, vibration knife, pneumatic knife to cut according to different cutting materials, which belongs to contact cutting. Laser cutting machine is a non-contact cutting machine, which uses high temperature focused light source to cut. The two cutting methods have their own advantages.

Laser cutting machine is a universal cutting machine, which can cut cloth, leather, handicraft, acrylic and other materials. But also can choose different power laser tube on marble or other materials for carving. That's what knife machines can't do. The disadvantage of the laser machine is that it will produce a little smoke smell when carving and cutting, which is limited in some areas

Knife type cutting machine adopts different cutter heads to cut products of different materials. For example, round knife cutting machine is suitable for cutting cloth, leather and other soft and light cloth. Vibrating knife cutting machine is suitable for carpet, PVC, rubber and other thick and hard materials. Knife cutting machine is characterized by physical cutting, smoke-free and tasteless. Environmental protection is up to the standard. There are no restrictions on regional use.

In terms of efficiency, knife cutter is higher than laser cutter. The maximum speed of laser cutting machine is 1000mm / s, and that of knife cutting machine is 1800mm / s. In terms of application fields, the laser machine is more applicable and cost-effective than the knife type machine.
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