Advantages of garment cutting machine
Time : 2021-02-03
What are the advantages of using clothing cutting machine?

The machine adopts fixed data, which can improve the cutting quality. The problem of conventional manual cutting is manual error, and the accuracy of manual cutting is difficult to guarantee. If it is a large batch, multi-layer cutting task, the upper and lower size error and other consequences will lead to the extension of the whole production process, and also affect the quality level of products at the same time.

The inevitable errors of manual cutting, inspection and correction process lead to the increase of labor costs, which not only increases the operating costs of small and medium-sized clothing enterprises, but also seriously affects the product quality.

Automatic cutting system for saving cloth, but also the enterprise can not be ignored. Material saving is formed after intuitive computer layout; the zero error of the automatic cloth cutting system makes the whole cloth cutting process save a lot of cloth again. Within the scope of the enterprise, cloth is effectively used, and the cost of the enterprise is also effectively utilized.

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